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Who's fucked up about Mass Effect?
(spoilers: it's me)

god dammit, bioware.
I don't like or even want to make a callout journal, but I AM sick of this fight, even though it isn't technically mine. 

I was approached in December of last year by both TheCau and Chiiasa via note. [CGIgal noted me too, but I had no interest in talking to her at the time.] At this time, Zerna and I were not friends--we had not talked for about six months. At the time I stopped talking to her, she and Cau were still together, with no issues that I'd heard of. So all of a sudden I'm approached by her now-ex girlfriend with a wall of text, saying that Zerna had been talking shit about all of her friends, including me, and that she was abusive.

I was bitter. Zerna had been manipulative emotionally and psychologically while we were friends, and the lack of interest in my life or how I felt was what led to our drifting apart as friends. I was still bitter, and still angry and hurt, so part of me wanted to believe what they were saying. Small pieces of it meshed; but most were more extreme than anything I'd personally experienced with her. Still, I fell for it and went along, not knowing anything about the situation aside from what these two were telling me.

That was my mistake, and I've apologized. 

I didn't have any further contact with Cau and Chiiasa after that, aside from a few how-are-you's via skype. In March, I got a message from Zerna, asking how I'd been and and hoping that I'd been doing well. Over the few months between being contacted by Cau and then by Zerna, I'd watched the situation from a distance, and was understandably wary of talking to Zerna or trusting her after what I'd heard. But I replied.

She wasn't upset that I was holding her at arm's length while we talked. In fact, she was happy that I'd even responded, and was eager to talk and apologize for the things she had done while we were friends. She didn't defend herself, or make excuses, she sat patiently and listened while I finally unloaded what had been in my heart and on my shoulders since we'd stopped talking. Which was something she never would have done before. She'd obviously grown up in the year we'd not talked, and it was refreshing. We talked about what we'd been doing, about our friendship and where we stood. Then, finally, we talked about this... situation. And I talked to others about it, too.

Now, four months after we start talking again, this is still going on. Zerna just wants to wash her hands of this, but Cau just refuses to let her spiteful fire die, feeding it and making public shows and 'subtle' references to stir the shit pot again and again.

Cau, please just... stop.

I don't want to be a part of this war. I don't want to have to hear about my friends being slandered and I don't want to be a part of this endless cycle of parasitic irritation and hate. I'm tired of it.
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